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Why Choose LBA?


Because you can't beat a Christian education.
In a world of collapsing ethics, we believe that it's vital for children to learn to be men and women of integrity, honesty, and virtue. The mixed messages that are often sent in public and secular private schools can be difficult for children to decipher, and the values that you instill at home can sometimes be contradicted and even eclipsed by the contradictory messages taught at school. At LBA, however, we strive to be an extension to your home, reinforcing the Biblical teachings and moral compass that you have worked so hard to establish for your children.

Because we're there for you.
Small classes provide LBA students with a positive, interactive, and personal education. Student questions are answered, curiosity is sparked, and talents are recognized and developed. The Parent-Teacher partnership is a core-value upon which our success is firmly built, and we want to always remain accessible, intimate, and available to help your student and family thrive.

Because our community is exceptional.

The LBA family is a warm and loving one. We're blessed to have an abundance of people who live their faith daily, have a passion for learning, and who are specifically called to love and instruct children through Christian education. The support at LBA goes beyond the walls of the school, creating a community of mutual respect, care, and Christian love.


Because experience matters.

LBA has been providing quality Christian education at an affordable price to families in the Cincinnati area since 1984. We belong to the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), and our student to teacher ratio is currently 7:1. Most importantly, we've prioritized the hiring of excellent teachers, educational professionals with the best training, proven methods, and the resources that they need to be effective and excellent in the classroom.

Because you value diversity.

Liberty Bible Academy is statistically one of the most ethnically diverse schools in Cincinnati, and our families represent over 60 different Christian churches. Our Discovery program provides support for students who need extra help, our partnership with the homeschool community is very strong, and LBA is considered a premium destination for many international students. This diversity makes us strong, beautiful, and helps our students to love as God loves.

Because the right technology makes a distinct difference.
Within the context of a strong, Biblical, liberal arts curriculum, our technology enhances what and how our students learn. Our strong and secure network, modern hardware and software, and robust STEM and Technology classes ensure that our students are prepared to be informed and thoughtful digital citizens.

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