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International Students

Liberty Bible Academy's diverse student body and flexible programs can be an ideal fit for students who wish to come to America to pursue an excellent American education taught through a Biblical worldview. LBA has enrolled students from China, Spain,  Haiti, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, and Vietnam.International Students who are prepared to mainstream into regular classes are welcome to apply for admission.

Liberty Bible Academy is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students. LBA issues I-20 status to students who meet all general admissions requirements, have agency representation and proper insurance, and have found a suitable family to host them during their stay.


International students pay tuition plus a $500 processing fee. If, due to an English language learning need, a student begins performing poorly in class or on standardized assessments, an additional requirement may be made for the student to receive tutoring outside the school setting, which would likely come at an additional cost.

Application Process


  1. Secure agency representation to provide health insurance, a host family, and other guidance.

  2. Complete and submit LBA’s regular Admission Application with Application Fee.

  3. Submit English proficiency exam results (TOEFL, TOFL JR., CAE, IELTS, iTEP, Duolingo).

  4. Submit recommendations from current school principal and teacher, a recent report card, ad a transcript.

  5. Complete an in-person or live video interview, if  requested by LBA.

  6. Complete and submit LBA’s regular Online Enrollment with Registration Fee.

  7. LBA will email an I-20 and acceptance letter, or it may be retrieved at Liberty Bible Academy upon approval for enrollment.

Looking for an Agency?


LBA has worked with and recommends Sarah Snowden from At Home Abroad, a local International Student Agency. Sarah has helped a number of LBA International Students, and we trust her to guide you through all of the details and requirements of studying overseas. You can click here to email Sarah or contact the LBA Office for other ways to reach her.

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