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The LBA Preschool Mission


The mission of Liberty Bible Academy Preschool is to provide an academically challenging and developmentally appropriate educational program for young children in a safe, loving, and Christ-centered environment. Children learn to love God, love others, and love learning. The teachers at LBA Preschool desire to meet each child at his or her individual need in all areas of development.


Preschool Curriculum


Our curriculum provides preschoolers with the best of both worlds - both academic development and hands-on learning. The teachers direct academically-based activities with specific skills in mind in both a small and large group settings. Our teacher-directed activities will focus on emerging reading and writing skills, alphabet and phonemic awareness, and math and science skills. The students will also engage in hands-on learning activities in a learning center environment to explore at their own level. Our learning centers will feature literature-based themes in art, music, blocks, home-living, nature, puzzles, math, science, and social studies. Bible truths and stories are integrated each day at Bible time and throughout the daily curriculum. You can see more details on our To see more details on the LBA Preschool Curriculum Overview.

Program Options

Parents may choose to enroll their child for two days per week (Tuesday / Thursday), three days per week (Monday / Wednesday / Friday), or all five days per week.


Parents may also choose the half-day program (8:30am - 11:30am) or the full-day program (8:30am - 3:30pm).

Three-Year-Old Program

The Three-Year-Old Program is a great beginning to a child’s education. Children will develop socially and emotionally while developing cognitive skills in early language development. The objective of this program is to help children reach their potential while meeting each individual’s developmental needs. This will enable the student to have a smooth transition into the next academic year. Children must be three years old on or before August 1 and be potty trained. 


To see a sample three-year-old preschool schedule, click here.

Four-Year-Old Program

The Four-Year-Old Pre-Kindergarten Program continues with the content and skills of the Three-Year-Old Program. The objective of this class is to prepare the children for kindergarten with an emphasis in cognitive and language development, phonemic awareness, math skills, and social skills. Children must be four years old on or before August 1 and be potty trained.

To see a sample four-year-old preschool schedule, click here.


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