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Every student at Liberty Bible Academy has an Art class every week.


Throughout the elementary grades, students are introduced to new art concepts, tools, and techniques as their skills and aptitude improve. Previously learned material is reinforced at each level as students progress toward mastery of the fundamentals of art. Students are also introduced to new mediums of expression as they continue to build their knowledge of color theory, famous artists, artistic styles, art appreciation, and art history. Students entering LBA at every grade level are sure to enjoy a unique and productive art experience.

LBA students have also achieved tremendous success and recognition at the annual ACSI Art Festival and other local art shows. 

Physical Education

Children who are physically fit and active often do better in the classroom than those who aren't active. Physical activity increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain and may boost the growth of nerve cells in the hippocampus -- the brain's center of learning and memory. It also helps to combat childhood obesity and develop lifelong fitness habits, confidence, and self-esteem.

At LBA, students in every grade have P.E. class every week. Students learn a variety of sports and games, including volleyball, soccer, basketball, football, tag games, strategy and team-building activities, bowling, hockey, and healthy warm-up exercises. Students who aren't necessarily interested in traditional competitive sports are included and drawn in at an appropriate level, and efforts are made to expose students to activities that they might not otherwise experience and develop their skills in a healthy and non-threatening way.


LBA is committed to utilizing cutting-edge technology to enhance classroom education and prepare students for the 21st century workplace.


Technology is integrated into the curriculum at age-appropriate levels, and instruction begins at the kindergarten level and runs through high school. Students learn word processing, spreadsheets, page layout, presentations, internet safety, online research, keyboarding, file management and organization, and many other important digital skills.

LBA features redundant firewalls to maintain a safe learning environment, fiberoptic internet and intranet connections, and interactive whiteboards and document cameras in each classroom. Every preschool through grade 2 student is assigned an iPad, and each student in grades 3-12 is issued a Chromebook for our 1:1 technology program.



Research continues to support the benefits and positive effects of music education within the school system, and clearly demonstrates the need for music instruction and programs throughout the school year. Music study produces increased cognitive development, intelligence, learning capacity, the development of effective study skills, and greater student performance levels in math, reading, and science.


Liberty Bible Academy's music program includes the following foundational concepts:

  • Perception and Response

  • Expression and Performance

  • History and Culture

Students learn to become independent singers, acquire basic rhythm and note-reading skills, experience a variety of instruments including classroom percussion, xylophones, hand bells, drums, recorders (beginning in 3rd grade), a band instrument of their choice (beginning in 5th grade), and have many opportunities to build their confidence by performing at our winter and spring concerts, along with occasional service project performances at area nursing homes and community events. In addition, students also encounter the music of great composers and artists from various historical periods, and much more.


We value and encourage penmanship instruction. Students spend as much as 60% of their time in fine-motor activities, much of which is writing. While some may feel that the day of writing with a pen or pencil is over, we do not agree. Penmanship is still required in our society, and especially in school. As we instruct in proper penmanship, including cursive, we are also helping students develop important cognitive functions. Writing has also been closely connected to reading and spelling skills.

"When a child writes, he unknowingly lubricates many of his brain’s assembly lines. Written output actually strengthens memory, language, attention to detail, problem-solving and other powerful brain functions, and it forces them to work together." (Levine, 2003)

Why is cursive important? Manuscript printing requires lifting and separating each letter, while cursive allows for fluency and flow with much less physical effort. Cursive has only three starting points compared to six with manuscript letters. Entire words are formed when writing in cursive rather than letter-by-letter. Research is showing that "the transfer of writing from paper to computer may happen more easily if cursive writing is internalized and automatic." (Dr. Kathy Hopkins, 2010) For these and other excellent reasons, we include penmanship as a graded subject at Liberty Bible Academy.


Learning a foreign language has never been so fun! Starting elementary school, students learn Spanish vocabulary, grammar, songs, cultural context, sentence structure, and more. Their foundation is built year after year as they learn to describe objects and scenes, build sentences, communicate with each other, and broaden their world. In middle school and high school, then, students even have the chance to travel to Mexico with our Mexico Mission Team for a chance to apply what they've learned and broaden their world!

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