From the Leadership


When we introduce Liberty Bible Academy to someone new, we usually discuss a variety of things ... from academics to tuition, classrooms to curriculum. While we believe that all of these items are important, we believe that the unique value of the education we offer goes much deeper.

Children are pliable, and their young hearts are easily shaped by the dominant influences in their lives, whether positive or negative. Liberty Bible Academy is committed to shaping spiritual values by inspiring its students to be all that God wants them to be. We strive, every day, to promote honesty in word and deed, kindness toward others, respect for authority, and trust in God.

We also believe that a child's mind holds tremendous power and potential. We tap into these young minds through comprehensive, engaging, creative teaching. At LBA, children enjoy making new discoveries and feeling the pride of accomplishment. They are challenged to dream great dreams and are encouraged to have the confidence to achieve their goals.

More importantly, however, is the environment that we have created at Liberty Bible Academy, an environment of love and acceptance. We believe that students thrive when they feel important, loved, and valued, so we have carefully designed a structured, disciplined environment that also allows children to enjoy the freedom to play, love, and learn together.

Ultimately, our goal is to develop Christ-like servant leaders. As you explore the possibilities for your child's future, we welcome your questions and sincerely hope that you will consider pursuing an LBA education for your children!

Yours for our children,

The LBA Faculty, Administrative Team,

and Board of Trustees

Mrs. Dana Garwood

LBA Principal​​ 


Mrs. Garwood (formerly Honerlaw) has served as Principal of Liberty Bible Academy since 2012. She has worked in the field of education since 2001, also serving as a kindergarten teacher, art teacher, 2nd grade teacher, summer camp director, and preschool director. She received her B.A. degree in Elementary Education, with a major in Biblical Studies, from God’s Bible School and College in Cincinnati, Ohio. She earned her M.A. in School Leadership and Administration from Concordia University Chicago. Mrs. Garwood is also a proud alumnus of Liberty Bible Academy.

LBA Board of Trustees


Pictured above, left to right: Tom Moll, Ona Truesdale, Steve Best (Board Alumnus), Beth Muskopf (Secretary), Brian Wilder (Chairman), Joe Simpson (Board Alumnus), Beau Vanderbur, Dana Garwood, Mike Jutt (Vice-Chairman), Donna Ciclet (Board Alumnus), Frank Smith (Treasurer). Not pictured: Allen Chaza

LBA Administrative Team


Dana Garwood, Principal

Alexis Merrit, Special Education Director

Kay Moll, Community Care Director

Frank Smith, Facilities/Maintenance Director

Charlotte Smith, Admissions Director

Ona Truesdale, Finance Director

Lance Webel, Communications/Technology Director


LBA Grade Level Leadership


Vashti Cramer, Preschool Director

Tonya Bittner, Elementary Team Leader

Julie Weber, Middle School Team Leader

Lexi O'Connor, High School Director

Jill Dudley, High School Administrative Assistant/Guidance Counselor