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School Lunch Program


Students at LBA can either pack and bring a lunch or purchase a hot school lunch from our School Lunch Program. School lunch orders are placed one month in advance then catered daily to LBA, where our Lunch Supervisor and a parent volunteer serve it from our steam tables. Lunch times are staggered between 11:00am and 12:00pm, and students carry their lunches back to the classroom to eat with their peers.


Our student meals meet all requirements set by the USDA Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 and are overseen by a Registered Dietitian at our caterer, DC Catering. DC Catering has been in business in Cincinnati for over 30 years and has pioneered much of the components of the current National School Lunch Program (NSLP).

Parents who would like to volunteer to serve school lunches to our students should contact Mrs. Greenwood in the office. Parents can serve one day per week, 1-2 days per month, or even be available as a backup volunteer. Thank you in advance!

May Lunch Orders

The order form should be turned
in to the LBA
Office by Monday, April 22 at 8am.


Order Form:

Pizza Fridays

How to Order


The deadline, monthly menu, and monthly order form are to the left. Parents can mark their meal choices on the order form then return it to the office, give it to a teacher, or email it to Mrs. Smith.

  • Regular lunches include one meat entrée and a fruit, veggie, and bread choice.

  • Extra Entrée includes a double portion for larger appetites (i.e. two cheeseburgers instead of one, etc.).

  • The Chef Salad is a hearty mix of greens, turkey ham, chicken, and/or turkey deli meat, grated cheese, cherry tomatoes, and dressing.

  • The Sack Lunch includes a turkey deli sandwich, veggie, fruit, chips, and a cookie.

  • Vegetarian lunches replace the meat entrée with a vegetarian alternative. 


Lunches are $4.00, Extra Entrées are an additional $2.00, and drinks are $1.00. Lunch fees can be paid in cash, a check payable to Liberty Bible Academy, or through a charge to a school account.

Please submit your orders punctually so the office can process it before the deadline to order it from our caterer. Once an order has been submitted, it cannot be changed, since we order a month in advance ... so please take time to go over these orders carefully with your child(ren) to make sure the order is correct. Thank you!


Pizza Fridays

LBA offers pizza lunches on select Fridays as a fundraiser for our student mission trip in the spring. The cost is $6 for a one slice meal and $8 for a two slice meal. Both meals include chips and a drink.

If available, the Pizza Friday Order Form is linked in the grey box to the left. To sign up, please fill the form out completely, once for each student, then bring your payment to the LBA office to complete your order. Payment is separate for hot lunch and Pizza Fridays and may be cash or check made out to LBA with “pizza” written in the memo line. Pizza Fridays CANNOT be added to a family account, as it is a fundraiser.

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