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Educational Therapy

This program is a non-tutorial, one-on-one, individualized program which stimulates both perceptual and academic skills. This program fosters thinking skills, incorporates rich verbal mediation, and helps a child learn how to learn. Parental support is required, and some homework is necessary. Students meet twice a week with the therapist.

Search & Teach

Kindergartners develop at their own individual rate and we are in no hurry to push those who just need a bit more time. Sometimes, however, it is helpful to learn about a child's learning needs before they fall too far behind their peers. We offer the Search & Teach program for such a student. The Search assessment gives information about visual and auditory skills along with other essential components to learning to read and write. The Teach program is a one-on-one, individualized program to address the needs found on the Search scan. Students meet twice a week with the therapist.

Discovery Program

Any parent who has a child who struggles to learn what comes easily for other children, knows the heartache they feel for his/her child. We realize how difficult that is, and believe that some students need a helping hand to succeed in school. Liberty Bible Academy offers a variety of programs to help students become independent and confident learners.

LBA's Discovery Program Coordinator is Laurie Weideman, M.Ed., PCET, CDT. She is a professionally certified educational therapist, certified dyslexia therapist, reading specialist, and certified FIE practitioner who has completed programs at Xavier University and the National Institute for Learning Development.

Academic Support


We offer classroom accommodations for those students who may require a bit of additional support. These include such things as: a reduced spelling list, a reading buddy, taking one section of a test at a time, or additional drink breaks during the day. These are determined by a team and parent meeting early in the school year. For students needing tutorial help, we have a professional who works one-on-one, in small groups, or within the classroom alongside the student. And for those students learning English, courses are chosen at appropriate levels and a professional is assigned to increase English proficiency.

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